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Sometimes it pays to ask the guidance of someone you can rely on — someone like us. With our help, you'll be looking at your financial situation as opportunity rather than obstacle, and be on your way to success.

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Together, We Can Make Your Financial Goals Happen -
Sell Your Annuity Payments for Maximum Cash Now

Life is full of tough financial decisions, some of which may be unexpected. Sometimes it pays to ask the guidance of someone you can rely on - someone like us.  With our help, you'll be looking at your financial situation as opportunity rather than obstacle, and be better able to achieve your goals with financial security. Whether you're anticipating an expense for college tuition, engagement, divorce, a new baby, a bigger home, going through the loss of a job, settling debt, pursuing investment opportunities, or starting a new business, we will provide you with a free, expert financial consultation to help you navigate the difficult financial decisions that life brings. Based on your structured settlement annuity and financial needs, our trained financial specialists will counsel you on the right course of action to take when it comes to selling your future structured settlement payments, annuity payments, or personal injury structured settlement payments.

The Cash You Need & the Annuity Buyout Services You Trust

Whether you have an annuity payment, contest winning, personal injury settlement, insurance settlement, lottery payment, or other structured settlement, we can help you get the best value for cashing in now on your future payments. Your structured settlement provides you, the annuitant, with a secure future payment stream, typically guaranteed for a certain number of years. As time goes by, your financial needs will inevitably evolve, and the monthly or annual payments you receive may not be as helpful as they once were. The key to fulfilling your financial needs may be to sell your future structured settlement payments at the best price for the most cash now.

That's where we come in. Abiding by federal and state law, we can accelerate the annuity payout process by exchanging the future amounts to be paid out later for a large lump sum of cash now. Our financial experts are dedicated to providing you the best services so you can make the right financial decisions. We'll work for you to tailor the best personalized annuity buyout solution to accomplish your financial goals both for now and for the future, and provide the highest quotes available for your annuity structured settlement payouts.

It's Your Money, So Keep More of It! - Get Highest Prices for Selling Your Annuity

The difference between wholesale and retail quotes is the difference between Fairfund Financial Group and the companies that hope you never call us. One of the great advantages of working with us is our unique ability to provide strictly wholesale prices. This allows us to maximize the present value of your future payments so you receive more money now at the greatest value possible for your structured settlement or annuity. That means you could get a lot more for your structured settlements, compared to retail prices!

Give us a call at 1-800-235-0876, contact us, or fill out our free quote request.

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