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Cash Payment For Your Structured Settlement

Are you presently engaged in plans that provide payments over a long period of time? Do you need money right now? Or Are you receiving monthly payments as the result of a claim and you need a lump sum of cash to help you pay for medical bills, purchase of real estate or for starting a business? Then the Fairfund Financial Group guarantees the best price for your structured settlement payments! At Fairfund Financial Group we take pride in helping people to gain a large lump sum of cash now for their future payments from a Structured Settlement, Annuity or Lottery award.

We offer helpful, unique and convenient solutions for those receiving structured settlement payment amounts. We help people who have been refused by banks and insurance companies, giving you the cash when you need it. Fair Fund is a direct buyer of structured settlements. We provide lump sum cash for people who are receiving payments over a period of time, but need their money now.

Why Sell Your Structured Settlement

If a person wants to gain immediate access to his/her money, i.e, to get cash for structured settlements, they can sell their right to receive all or part of their future structured annuity payments to a settlement buyer. The transaction of selling your structured settlement payments is pretty straightforward. But this entire process of entering into a contract to give-up ones legal right of receiving future structured payments to settlement companies or organizations in exchange for the present value of the money could meet the current life needs of your family instead of waiting for a future stream of inflexible payments structured over a period of a year or more.

Turn Your Future Structured Settlement Payments Into The Money You Need Now: Get immediate cash for structured settlements

Customer’s satisfaction is the key to our business. We investigate your needs, your existing financial situation and your structured settlement payment stream to ascertain the most cost effective means of turning your future payments into the money you need now. We look at acquiring only what is necessary to meet your financial goals, often leaving you payments you can count on in the future.

Structured Settlement Buyers – We Buy Your Structured Settlement, Annuity or Personal Injury Settlement

The choice is yours, but the result of a decision to sell should be seriously considered. In this situation of selling structured settlement payments you are the customer and should receive great service. As a client/customer you are free to ask any questions in total privacy about selling payments and your rights. Also feel free to ask your lawyer for expert legal advice. You may also consult with a financial professional to discuss the influence on your taxes and your property before you accept any cash offer for your structured settlement payments.

Contact one of our experienced financial specialists who will assist you on the spot with evaluating and selling your structured settlement, lottery or annuity payments. To get a head start, you can gather your settlement documents and fill out our free online quote form to see how you can cash in on your structured settlement payments.

Give us a call at 1-800-235-0876, contact us, or fill out our free quote request.

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At Fairfund Financial Group we take pride in helping people to gain a large lump sum of cash now for their future payments from a Structured Settlement, Annuity or Lottery award.