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Always Here to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Personal Injury Settlement

Our philosophy is simple.
Help anyone who contacts us
irregardless of whether they
use our services or not.

About Us - Your Buyer for Personal Injury Settlements, Annuities and Structured Settlements

Fairfund Financial Group is considered to be a professional and reputed buyer of structured settlement.

Company Philosophy - Always Here to Help with Your Structured Settlement, Annuity, or Personal Injury Settlement

A client we helped a few years ago described our philosophy better than we ever could. On a typical day at the office, we received a mysterious cardboard box from a small country town. Inside the package we discovered, to our surprise, an assortment of farm fresh vegetables along with a note which contained a recipe and said, "Thanks for caring about our family and sorting through what appeared to be a hopeless situation." What this family did not understand was that it was our pleasure and honor to help them because we care. At Fairfund Financial, our mission is simply to help anyone who contacts us whether they use our services or not. With over 30 years in helping people, we are dedicated to managing your structured settlement payment sale with honesty and integrity. And to prove it, we'll beat any legitimate offer and guarantee that there are no hidden fees or costs.

The Fairfund Financial Difference - Selling Structured Settlements, Annuities, and Personal Injury Settlements with Integrity and Care

At Fairfund Financial Group, we aren't like other buyers of structured settlements who try to upsell you, urging you to recklessly sell all or most of your structured settlement payments, annuities, and personal injury settlement payments for their own benefit, not yours. Instead, we match your structured settlement cash sale to a customized financial program designed to benefit you, based on your financial needs for the short and long term. Our customized financial solution allows you to maximize the present cash value of your future structured settlement payments while only selling as few structured settlement payments as possible to accomplish your financial goals. Why do we customize rather than capitalize? Because the satisfaction of our customers is the key to our business, demonstrated by our referrals and repeat customers. Because we are confident that you'll find our wholesale prices for your personal injury structured settlement, lottery winning, annuity, or structured settlement to be unmatched in comparison with the competition. And it's because, more importantly, we care.

Customized Programs for Selling Your Personal Injury Settlement

We give you all the help you need to get the right amount of money now, while still maintaining the utmost financial wealth and stability for you and your family in the future. In fact, we will fully educate you about all the different possibilities for selling your structured settlement payments, personal injury settlements, structured annuity settlements, annuity transfers, lottery payments, or award winnings. We'll explain the criteria for evaluating bids, find the best available prices, and help you make the best choice for selling your structured settlement, annuity, personal injury settlement, or lottery payment. Depending on your current and future financial needs, selling your future personal injury settlement or annuity payments is not always the best option. We never recommend that anyone sell their future personal injury settlement payments, structured settlement payments, or insurance annuity payments unless it's clearly in their best interests and makes sense financially. That's because at Fairfund Financial Group, your best interest is our goal and your financial success our hope.

Seize the Financial Opportunity of a Lifetime -
Get the Most for Your Personal Injury Settlement for Cash Now

It's time to get the most for your money and the best value for your personal injury settlement payments. It's time to get the professional help you deserve. It's free for the asking, however, we have been known to accept fresh vegetables and some good recipes for a job well done.

Give us a call at 1-800-235-0876, contact us, or fill out our free quote request.

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